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'Artist of the Week: The Exhibition' showcases the first quarterly shortlisted finalists of the exciting new competition. The winning candidate will then be offered a residency in West London!


The exhibiting artists are:
Akleria * Alyona Larinova * Dragana Jurisic * Helen Gorill

Alyona Larionova

A link to the artists video page:

Please Find Enclosed Part 2

‘Please Find Enclosed’ Installation, 2010

Alyona's work combines objects and processes that are recognizable in our daily experiences in order to narrate about the relations between stillness and movement, duration and immobility.  Larionova strives to test the limits of mediums she works with: photography and film, which in her recent works become almost solid objects. Her work explores the dissolution of boundaries and indeterminacy between space and time, between still and moving; thus inner and outer of the installation form a single continuum. That is one of the reasons why the medium of writing is used as an allegory for both photography and film.

The process of writing is very similar to the process of recording with a film camera. In such a manner photography becomes the text, which is the carrier of meaning and an index. The whole narration is at risk, should the story be faced with the likes of a missing page. The questions and uncertainties evolving around still and moving are just starting points.  Larionova’s work talks about the ideas of boundaries and separation on a much larger scale.

Her current practice represents to a certain extent her position as an artist.  Rather than being separate from each other, still and moving are enclosed within one another

Please Find Enclosed Part 1

An interview with Larionova

Q:  Where is your favourite place in the world?  Why?
A:   I don't have a favourite place in the word as such. Everywhere I go I find things that amaze me. Probably the place that most amazed me was Tokyo, Japan. It is a completely different planet!

Q:  What are your top three novels?
A:  Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, Tokyo Fiancee by Amelie Nothomb, The Drowned World by JG Ballard. 

Q:  What do you like to do on a Sunday?
A:  Nothing, maybe read or watch a good film, especially when it rains.

Q:  Who are your top three photographers?
A:  Sophie Calle, Andre Kertesz, Ryan McGinley

Q:  What is your favourite colour?
A:  Yellow

Q:  What is the best song you have ever heard?  Who is it by and what is the title?
A:  Sinatra, My way

Q: What is your favourite smell?
A:  Underground (Paris or Moscow), tulips and home.

Q:  How many siblings do you have?
A:  None. I am the only selfish child.

Q:  If you could use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
A:  Yellow

Q:  What is your favourite drink?
A:  Sencha Tea and  Cream Soda.

'Untitled' Film Still 2009

‘Untitled’ 2009